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Music is Crucial

imageMusic is a crucial facet of the human experience. Since the advent of recordings, human beings have gone from a time when everyone participated in music making and performance to an era where music has become more of a commodity and a luxury... to our contemporary way of thinking!

At MusEco, we know better, and we are deeply committed to projects that enhance the human relationship with music. The best way to do this is to start local!

Montana Music

Our projects involve a series of efforts, with a current emphasis on developing small retail outlets throughout Montana for Montana music or music by Montanans. The goal is to create sales opportunities that go beyond traditional music-sales oriented venues, bringing our state's excellent music to a wider swath of potential audiences. The ultimate goal of this project is to enhance the economic viability of music creation and performance in Montana.

Current retail locations are the Good Earth Market and the Toucan Art Gallery in Billings.

The purpose of the effort is to enable Montana Music to reach audiences that may not frequent typical retail music stores or that may not otherwise encounter Montana's rich musical variety. This broadens the audiences for, and economic viability of music making in Montana.

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MusEco thanks it's partners and supporters!!

Partners include KTVQ Television (Billings), Montana PBS (Bozeman), and the Office of Public Instruction (OPI - Indian Ed) (Helena). Underwriters of our broadcast projects include Montana State University-Billings, Sylvan Peak Mountain Shoppe and Montana Harvest Natural Foods. Special thanks also go to the many individuals who donate annually, volunteers who give of their time, and funders like the Greater Montana Foundation who see the value in our work. Thank you!


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